Are your friends okay? Have you checked?

Helping you to support your loved ones. No fuss. No drama. Just contact when it's needed most.

Our Philosophy

All people (including us) can be pretty terrible at knowing when their loved ones need extra support. And we also think it's really hard to speak up and say “hey, I'm not doing so well over here.”

Asking for help when you need it most takes a lot of courage and motivation, which are two things we often lack at those times.

So we're turning that on it's head. We're making it backwards. We're inverting the process. With Bestie no friend has to ask, and you will know automagically when your important people need your support.


I like that I can see my mates are alright from afar, I don't always think to check, but if they aren't I'll know about it. Maybe I'm a shit friend for needing this but let's face it if it's not in the calendar it's not happening.

As somebody whose life was saved by a text message: this is SO IMPORTANT. They still don't even know they saved me.

I don't like to cause a panic and I hate asking for help because I don't want to impose. But I want someone to talk to me. I'm fine but I just need them to say hello, and now they do.

Bestie is working great for me. My friend and I don't talk that often, I got an email saying she has missed hers so I called her to have a catch up which seemed to help. She knows I'm always here but I get that it's not always easy to act on that.

All testimonials are anonymous due to the private nature of Bestie.

How does it work?

It's super simple. You sign up in the application and invite or join your friends, family, important people. The app sends both you and them an email periodically asking: are you okay? If you're doing alright you click the link. Nothing happens from this. But when there is no response Bestie will send a notification to the right people, saying “hey, Pablo might not be okay,” prompting you to get in touch. Boom! Friendship delivered.

You also get a dashboard of your Bestie network, which shows you when people last checked as okay, and flags up those who haven't in a while. This way, you will know which of your people might need a text, email, phone call, tweet, meme tag, tiktok shout out, or whatever small effort to show that you care.

Take my money

Woah, hold up! Bestie is... FREEEEEEE!

But it's all coming out of the founders' pockets right now. So we're looking for enterprises that think they could use this system in a white label version; if this is you then contact us here.

If you're not an enterprise but believe in the cause, you can best help us by signing up and inviting friends, and sending us feedback so we can make it better.

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